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TOP 5 Reasons Boat Owners Buy Dockmate

  1. Reduce the common stress (particularly between husbands & wives) during docking.

  2. Recover our anchor or picking up a mooring ball.

  3. To prevent damage due to our limited visibility from the helm.

  4. To be able to run the boat myself and not hire crew.

  5. To give me the flexibility to move around the boat and see the dock.

TOP 5 reasons Boat Captain’s love Dockmate

  1. I don’t want the owners or guests to help me docking.

  2. I can single-hand the boat when docking or navigating locks.

  3. I can be in the action when there is a fish on the line.

  4. I can easily adjust my lines from the dock.

  5. I can set up my lines and fenders for docking and still be in complete control of the boat.

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“For the first time I was able to see the stern of the boat and was able to dock it without assistance from my wife on wireless headphones. Worked great and eliminated a lot of stress.”


“Fantastic product. It allows me to single hand the boat just as I’d hoped.”

“This is the best thing I have ever added to any boat in my 40 + years of boating.”

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We look forward to helping make your

boating experience better as well!