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RED Remote.png


Designed specially for mechanical & hynautic engine controls



Power ON/OFF

Anchor Winch

SEL / Function

Bow Thruster

Port Engine

Starboard Engine

Stern Thruster


  • Designed specially for mechanical & hynautic engine controls

  • A budget solution for boats with the most common analog controls (engine & thrusters)

  • This new remote control does not offer advanced features such as fully-proportional throttle. It will put the boat in gear at idle speed in forward & reverse and operate with ON / OFF thrusters.

  •  Bow & Stern Thrusters

  •  One or Two Anchors

  •  Horn

  • Glendinning Smart Actuator is included. Watch Video: Click Here

  • ​The Dockmate® RED offer a wireless extension of the above controls with the exact same feeling and response time!

  • Wireless Charging Pad (Included)

  •  The RED comes pre-configured with analog idle speed engine modules and on/off thruster modules.  One available option is single Anchor.

  • Dimensions - 2.75 x 5.91 x 1.57”

  • Weight - 5.29 oz

  • Frequency - 433.5 MHz

  • Range - 165 feet

  • Housing

  • ABS & rubber - according to IP67 specifications

  • Battery

  • Lasts up to at least 15 docking maneuvers of approximately 10 minutes*

  • 320+ mAh Li-ion

  • Qi-certified wireless charging

  • Operating Temperature - +14°F to +140°F



Charging Pad


The device our Dockmate® remotes talk to. The Receiver translates the commands given through the remote and relays them to your boat’s controls. The Receiver is in essence the link between the Dockmate® remote and your boat.

  • The Dockmate® Receiver is a modular system. Every Receiver is assembled and programmed for a specific boat. The boat’s equipment and the customer’s wishes determine which modules are installed in the Receiver. This means every Dockmate® is built to order.

  • The Receiver is connected to all the necessary controls of your boat.

  • The Receiver is made out of aluminium and completely waterproof to IP67 rating.

  • The Receiver supports both analogue and digital (CAN bus) controls. 

The Dockmate Wireless charging pad is supplied as standard with every Dockmate. It lets you charge your Dockmate Remote wirelessly. Simply place your Remote on the charging station and charging begins instantly. Thanks to the LED indicator, you can immediately see that your device is correctly positioned and charging.

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