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  • Why do FAQs matter?
    FAQs are a great way to help site visitors find quick answers to common questions about your business and create a better navigation experience.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about your business like "Where do you ship to?", "What are your opening hours?", or "How can I book a service?".
  • Where can I add my FAQs?
    FAQs can be added to any page on your site or to your Wix mobile app, giving access to members on the go.
  • If I buy another boat, can I take my Dockmate® system with me?
    Yes. The Dockmate® system can be easily removed and installed on your new boat.
  • What is the size of the receiver?
    The receiver dimensions are 9.4" x 7.9" x 3.2" and it is easily mounted behind the dash.
  • Can I use the Dockmate® system when I am standing on the dock?
    Yes, although per FCC regulations, the use of the Dockmate® while on the dock is not recommended. When someone is onboard, the Dockmate® can be used while standing on the dock to move the boat back towards the dock while securing your lines.
  • Do most people add the windlass function alongside the horn?
    The horn is included, while the windlass is optional, depending on personal preference and existing bow control.
  • What is Dockmate?
    Dockmate® is the world's most advanced, affordable and safest wireless remote control system for your boat's engines, thrusters, Pods, anchor and horn. Dockmate® will allow you to operate your boat’s electronically - controlled engines, thrusters, anchor winch and horn from anywhere aboard your boat using a small handheld device!
  • Are there any safety features built into the Dockmate® system?
    YES, the Dockmate® system has redundant “fail safe” technology. In order for the engines to go into gear 4x relays contactors MUST activate. If the Dockmate® remote transmitter is dropped, the boat will immediately go into neutral. The main engine controls can be used immediately if the Dockmate® remote falls overboard or is lost.
  • How long is training for two people, one with minimal docking experience? Is it included in the price?
    Training is included during the sea trial, with no extra charge. Novices become confident and proficient quickly with the intuitive controls.
  • Does Dockmate® work if I only have one engine?
    YES, we have a remote control specifically for single engine boats. You can use the SINGLE remote or the TWIST remote.
  • Why is Dockmate® so much less expensive than the competition?
    As technology improves over time, costs will typically come down with the advancements. Remember when plasma TVs were first introduced into the market? In 2002 a 42" SONY plasma TV was the BEST technology you could buy and cost $13,999! Now, you can buy a 43" SONY 4K UHD Smart TV for $650! Many technologies today are light years ahead of where they were in the early 2000's and the cost is significantly less. While a competitor’s price has gone up over the years, the Dockmate® price has gone down! Dockmate® offers the very latest in wireless remote control system advancements, including proportional joystick throttle control and fully-customizable software that can be programmed to the boater’s exact specifications. Dockmate® is continually improving our product, and hardware & software updates are readily available to provide the newest advanced features, even to older product that is already in the field.
  • How does the system enable diagonal motion on a single screw vessel? Is it a computerized combo of engine and thrusters?
    Yes, it's a computerized combination of engine and thrusters.
  • How long does a charge last?
    With conservative use, it lasts for around 15 ten-minute docking sessions before needing recharging, or months if unused.
  • Do you have to cut or splice any wires to install a Dockmate® system?
    NO! No wires need to be cut or spliced to make the Dockmate® operational. Dockmate® has "Plug and Play" installation capability with many well-known brands, including the following: -ABT-Trac -Bosch -Caterpillar -CMC Marine -Cummins (coming soon: Zeus pods) -Deutsch -Faston -Flexball -Glendinning -Hirschmann -MAN -Mercury -Morse -MTU -Rexroth -Side-Power -Teleflex -Twin Disc -Vetus -Volvo Penta (incl. IPS with Dynamic Positioning) -Yanmar -ZF Microcommander
  • How do I know if a Dockmate® system can be installed on my boat?
    If your boat is equipped with electronic controls then it can be equipped with a Dockmate® system. If your boat has mechanical controls or hynautic controls, we can still install a Dockmate® system with the installation of an electronic to mechanical interface system.
  • What kind of batteries does the Dockmate® use?
    The Dockmate® transmitters have built-in, fully-rechargeable lithium batteries and come with a wireless charger that plugs into any USB outlet or charger. When the transmitter battery is fully charged, then the Status LED will illuminate Blue.
  • Is DPS included? If not, what's the additional cost?
    DPS is not included but can be upgraded if your boat has proportional throttles and thrusters.
  • How many try before you buy installs have been reversed, and why?
    There haven't been any reversals, as the trial allows for a risk-free decision. Removal is offered if needed, currently it has never happened.
  • How long will it take to install a Dockmate® system on my boat?
    The typical Dockmate® installation can be installed in one day or less.
  • How is rudder position managed while docking away from the helm?
    Keep the rudder centered for optimal control. The remote compensates for any offsets.
  • How long does it take to set up the "soft docking " functionality ?
    It's a simple adjustment during the sea trial, allowing for precise /programmed gear transitions and soft docking.
  • Is the Dockmate system new?
    Dockmate® has been sold worldwide since 2012. Dockmate® came to the USA in 2018, is fully licensed, insured and FCC certified.
  • How do I know if the Dockmate® has lost communication?
    The Dockmate® has a range of approximately 165 ft (50 meters). In the unlikely event that the Dockmate® loses communication with the receiver, then the remote transmitter will sound an audio alarm when a button is pressed, the LED radio status light will flash, and the unit will vibrate. ALL functions will immediately default to the OFF or NEUTRAL setting.
  • How do I know if the batteries in my remote transmitter are running low?
    There is a battery indicator/status LED that will illuminate RED if your batteries are running low. If the batteries are too low, the Dockmate® will not transmit, therefore the boat will not go into gear and all functions will default to OFF or NEUTRAL. The main engine controls can be used if the batteries in the Dockmate® remote are dead.
  • Is dual band better than single band?
    Simply stated, NO! Dockmate® uses an infinitely superior, state of the art 2-way Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) with 88bit encoding, and FM modulation on the 433 MHz frequency that provides superior range of 165 fett (50 meters). FHSS Technology is commonly used today with Bluetooth, cellphones & wi-fi networks because of it’s reliability and secure transmissions. The rolling code changes 6x per second over 6 different channels throughout the 72 channels in the 433 MHz frequency, eliminating any possible chance of interference. Dual band units use a one-way signal (transmitter to receiver), and then only one channel on 433 MHz and one channel on 918 MHz. The transmission alternates between the two single channels allowing for possible interference and dead spots. Simply stated, a two-way 6 channel / FM system with FHSS is obviously superior to a one-way 2 channel system!
  • How many Dockmate units have been sold?
    There have been several thousand Dockmate® units installed worldwide.
  • What's the Dockmate system's response lag time?
    Response time is matched to the helm controls, dependent on the boat's systems.
  • How many functions can the Dockmate® system control?
    The Dockmate® system can control up to 7 functions! - 1 or more engines (Twist joystick). Twin transmitter will control port & starboard engines) - Bow thruster - Stern thruster or swim platform - Anchor windlass or winch - 1 or 2 anchors
  • What's next for Dockmate in terms of new functionality?
    Continual enhancements are in the works based on market demands, such as DPS and other nuanced improvements, with no forced upgrades post-installation.
  • Does the Dockmate® have dynamic positioning?
    YES, if the boat is equipped with dynamic positioning, then the Dockmate® can activate that function.
  • What is the range of Dockmate®?
    The operating range of the Dockmate® with the standard antenna is approximately 165 ft (50 meters). We offer an antenna extension cable for $50 that improves the range to over 500 ft! There is no need to install an expensive range extender/RF repeater for vessels over 83 ft.
  • Will Dockmate® work with my Volvo Penta IPS or Zeus PODS system?
    Yes! The Dockmate® TWIST for Pods remote feels like an exact replica of the Volvo IPS joystick offering proportional throttle control for EVERY function of the joystick …INCLUDING THE TWIST FUNCTION! The Dockmate also connects to the latest Volvo EVC 2 systems by using the new TJS Gateway that is approved by Volvo. The Dockmate® TWIST for Zeus PODS is available NOW! Sky Hook is also available as an option with the Mercury Digital joystick interface.
  • Is there anything unique about Dockmate®?
    YES, the Dockmate® has several unique features: - State-of-the- art 2-way FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) communication between the remote and receiver. - Smooth, variable-speed and fully-proportional engine throttle with TWIST 3-axis joystick (the more you push on the joystick, the more throttle is provided) - Smooth, variable-speed and fully-proportional thruster with TWIST 3-axis joystick if boat is equipped with proportional thrusters (Ex: ABT, Side-Power, Vetus). - DockControl fully-customizable software to precisely adjust control settings to your specifications, which is done immediately after installation and during a sea trial to insure your complete satisfaction with the product. Competitive brands are not modifiable to this extent and are largely "what you see is what you get." - Horn function on EVERY remote transmitter at no extra charge. - Completely waterproof remote transmitters that float - 3 yr warranty with 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee - SINGLE remote model for single engine vessels - SINGLE & TWIN remote models have a flat keypad which is well-protected against accidental pressing - Compatible and fully-functional with Volvo IPS and Zeus Pod systems. As an example, the TWIST joystick transmitter feels like an exact replica of the Volvo IPS joystick and it offers proportional throttle control for EVERY function of the joystick…INCLUDING THE TWIST FUNCTION! - Dynamic positioning - if the boat is equipped with dynamic positioning, then that function can be activated. - Redundant “fail-safe” technology with multiple relays
  • Do I need to pull my boat out of the water to install Dockmate?
    No! Installations are done at the dock and they are usually completed in less than a day, and oftentimes within 4-6 hours. Check out this time lapse video of an installation: Click Here
  • Can a Dockmate® system be installed if I have mechanical or hynautic controls?
    If your boat has mechanical controls or hynautic controls, we can still install a Dockmate® system with the installation of an electronic to mechanical interface system.
  • What is the Dockmate® warranty?
    3 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • Is the remote's cradle necessary?
    No, it's not necessary. A QI charging pad is included for convenient charging.
  • Can other Dockmate® remotes interfere with my boat?
    NO, due to the type of RF communication we use, it virtually eliminates any possible interference from other Dockmate® systems. See question: Is dual band better than single band?
  • Does Dockmate® have proportional engine throttle control?
    YES, Dockmate® offers optional smooth, variable-speed, PROPORTIONAL throttle control on the TWIST remote (the more you push on the joystick, the more throttle is provided) and incremental throttle with the TWIN remote (push a button and the throttle jumps up to a designated RPM).
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