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Dockmate Positioning System 
This solution has two operating modes: one mode for use on the open water and another mode to use for short periods of time in close quarters. In the open water operating mode, DPS will use only the engines to keep the boat in its target position. It is ideal for short-handed crews, allowing the captain to step away from the helm to tend to mooring lines and fenders before entering a marina. In the close quarters operating mode, DPS uses both the engines and bow and stern thrusters in concert to keep the vessel in its target position.

Open Water Mode:

Embrace freedom as DPS maintains your yacht’s bearing using only the engines—perfect for the solo captain managing mooring lines or preparing for harbor entry.

Close Quarters Mode:

Witness DPS in harmony with engines and thrusters, delivering precise position-holding power in the tightest of marinas, ensuring peace of mind when it matters most.

We have spent a significant amount of time and research over the years to ensure that the Dockmate remote control system provides boaters with the best control of their vessels in some of the more stressful situations like docking and close quarters maneuvering.


Our dedication to your peace of mind on the water has never been stronger. DPS is more than a feature; it’s our promise to you.

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