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Get the most technologically advanced wireless remote control
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“I think that the two-way communications between the remote and control unit and the configurability of the system are the two best things Dockmate offers.” 

Dockmate owner & Publisher

Panbo - the Marine Electronics Hub

Electronics Editor - Power & MotorYacht, PassageMaker

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Advanced Technology



One thing that every boater understands is that docking is made more complex by the delay between engaging the control head lever(s) and the moment the boat begins to move.


With our newly-patented SoftDocking technology, a short push of the joystick or button will consistently result in a pre-programmed customizable fraction-of-a-second burst of the propeller.


With SoftDocking you can easily and consistently "bump“ the engine(s), enabling you to softly dock a boat.




Offers on-demand, predetermined throttle.

This means that every Dockmate can have 2 levels of engine/motor control: idle forward/reverse and calibrated throttle forward/reverse.

With Throttle+ extra throttle can be used at any moment, immediately, just by the push of a button or joystick.


DockControl 2


The highly-advanced DockControl 2 software allows us to calibrate and configure the joystick so that its behavior is properly customized to the boat's equipment and your specific needs.

During a sea trial these customizations can be set to modify how the boat turns on its axis, moves at a 45° angle, stops quickly, and much more.

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Stern Thruster Simulator

The TWIN and TWIST remote controls can be programmed to walk the boat to and from the dock without a stern thruster..

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The most reliable and secure two-way radio transmission system.

Dockmate® uses its proprietary DockLink™ communication protocol. DockLink™ is an infinitely superior, state-of-the-art 2-way Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) communication with handshake, and GFSK (FM) modulation on the 433 MHz frequency band that provides superior range of 165 feet (50 meters).

Dockmate® operates in the 433 MHz FM frequency band that has 72 communication channels. FHSS means every Dockmate® uses a unique set of 6 channels in the entire band of 72 channels, and then hops from one frequency to another.

This FHSS rolling code changes 6x per second over 6 different channels, resulting in over 5 million code combinations and virtually eliminating any possible chance of interference.

Choose Your Remote

Touchpad control and you can flawlessly operate with the tips of your fingers:

• One or Two Engines - (idle speed plus on demand, predetermined throttle increase) • Bow & Stern Thrusters • One or Two Anchors • Horn • The Dockmate® SINGLE and TWIN offer a wireless extension of the above controls with the exact same feeling and response time! • SoftDocking™: No more ‘kicks’ when you put the boat into gear.   • Throttle+: Sometimes when there's wind or current you need more than just idle speed and an immediate boost of throttle is required to safely maneuver your boat. • Stern thruster simulator - walk the boat to and from the dock without a stern thruster (TWIN only). • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Hear from our Happy Customers:


TOP 5 Reasons

Boat Owners buy Dockmate

  1. To eliminate the stress with my spouse during docking.

  2. To prevent damage due to our limited visibility from the helm.

  3. To give me the flexibility to move around the boat and see the dock or locks

  4. To be able to run the boat myself and not hire crew.

  5. To make it easier and safer to recover our anchor and pick up a mooring ball.

TOP 5 reasons
Boat Captains love Dockmate

  1. I don’t want the owners or guests to help me docking.

  2. I can single-hand the boat when docking or navigating locks.

  3. I can be in the action when there is a fish on the line.

  4. I can easily adjust my lines from the dock.

  5. I can set up my lines and fenders for docking and still be in complete control of the boat.

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