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Get Up To $2,000 Cash Back

Upgrade to a Dockmate Now!
The Safest Docking Solution

*When upgrading from a competitive system to a TWIST or VECTOR

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Wireless Remote Control Docking System

Be a Confident and Relaxed Captain, Everywhere

The World’s Most Innovative

Wireless Remote Control Technology

Advanced, Exclusive Safety Features and Customization to Your Exact Specifications

The Best Warranty in Marine Electronics and Extensive USA Dealer Network


We get it – 

We’re boaters too!

We have operated boats from dinghies to yachts and we have a former US Coast Guardsman / Machinery Technician and a 100-ton USCG licensed captain on our crew.

We understand the stress that can occur when the captain or owner is depending on the input from others to be his eyes, so to speak, and help guide him to a safe docking of the boat because he is stuck behind the helm.

We know the sense of relief that comes from being able to leave the helm for a closer look at our surroundings, and to still be in complete, confident control of the boat’s movement from anywhere aboard!

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“When we leave a slip early and there is no one to help us untie our lines, we use the Dockmate to keep the boat close to the dock until my wife or I can untie the lines and get back aboard safely.”

Bob Arrington

Long-time Boating Safety Educator

Writer, PassageMaker and Power & Motoryacht