Trade-in your old remote control system, which commonly has radio communication drop-offs and it lacks much-needed advanced features such as customization capability and proportional throttle, for a new Dockmate®....the world's most advanced, affordable, and safest wireless remote control system!

TWIST 3-Axis Joystick Transmitter / Transceiver

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Advanced Features & Benefits include:

  1. The most reliable TWO-WAY radio transmission system which uses 6 channel “Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum” (FHSS) communication for secure and uninterrupted communication. FHSS is commonly used with today’s state-of-the art Bluetooth, cell phone and Wi-Fi networks.

  2. DockControl software which allows the Dockmate® Twist to be fully customized and control your engines and thrusters EXACTLY the way you like, and even better than your existing controls!  As an example, using the simple joystick control, the TWIST can be programmed to walk the boat sideways to the dock....even if you only have a bow thruster.
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  3. Smooth, variable-speed and fully-proportional engine throttle control – perfect for when idle speed is not sufficient to dock your boat in wind or current. The joystick will perform just like the gas pedal in your car, the more you press it, then the more smooth-running throttle you will have.

  4. Proportional thruster control for proportional thrusters from ABT, Side-Power and Vetus – other wireless systems can only offer On / Off for these types of thrusters, but Dockmate® gives you proportional control for them as well!

Docking your boat is easy and stress-free with customized & fully-proportional engine & thruster controls with your new TWIST!

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