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Bob Arrington

Long-time boating educator & writer

"I’m writing to thank you for making such a great product and to share my experience with our new Dockmate controller with you. My wife and I have a 54’ Ocean Alexander trawler we built new in 2012. We’ve cruised thousands of miles aboard our boat from Canada to the Bahamas.
 When we built the boat we opted not to have any wing or cockpit control stations installed, we only have our pilot house and flybridge controls. We’ve always believed we were good at docking and rarely do we have difficulty putting the boat where we need it.
However, after meeting you at the Stuart Florida TrawlerFest and seeing a demonstration of your remote helm controller, we were impressed with the versatility it could offer. We made the decision to install one in Fort Lauderdale earlier this year and do not for a minute regret the decision.

We think of it as similar to our bow and stern thrusters, or possibly our autopilot. Can we handle the boat without these accessories? Sure we can, but having them makes it so much easier and safer. Our Dockmate has proven to be the same.
Quite often when we’re traveling, we leave marinas early in the morning before the staff arrives for work. In these cases, one of us has to stay at the helm while the other is left to untie the boat and re-board it safely. Our Dockmate has made this so much easier, by allowing the person controlling the boat to also be outside on deck assisting with lines as well.
We especially like the system when anchoring or catching a mooring. From the position in our pilot house or flybridge, we lose sight of the mooring ball when close to it. Having the ability to be outside on deck where we can control the boat while keeping the mooring ball in sight at all times is great. Being out on the bow while retrieving the anchor has proven to safer and more efficient as well.

Thank you again for making such a great product."
        Bob & Dori Arrington
        MV Liberdade


Paul Vitale


“Just had the Dockmate installed on my 2020 Sirena 58. Wonderful product.

Works as advertised. The whole team at Dockmate is very professional and makes sure that the job is done right. Highly recommended.”

Paul Woodward

The advantage that the installation of Dockmate enabling me to remotely control my motor boat whilst standing on deck when docking, and then being able to step directly ashore and get a rope secured before the tide/ wind carries you away again cannot be overemphasized.

The ability to:

  • Be able to see all of your boat and your surroundings clearly.

  • Slip in and out of gear both ahead and astern at a click of a button.

  • Control the bow and stern thrusters on the same control pad.

Makes maneuvering a piece of cake.

Whether it is:

  • Coming alongside or leaving a pontoon

  • Tying up to a buoy

  • Mooring in a box berth

  • Going through a lock

  • Picking up or dropping the anchor

All of which I have done repeatedly, partly singlehandedly, with ease and without worry due to the installation of a Dockmate, during my 700 mile summer cruise to Friesland in the Netherlands this year.

Well worth every penny.
Paul Woodward

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