We can connect to the engines in 3 different ways:  ANALOG • CAN bus • DIRECT

Dockmate® Receiver

The device our Dockmate® transmitters talk to. The Receiver translates the commands given through the transmitter and relays them to your boat's controls. The Receiver is in essence the link between the Dockmate® transmitter and your boat.

  • The Dockmate® Receiver is a modular system. Every Receiver is assembled and programmed for a specific boat. The boat's equipment and the customer's wishes determine which modules are installed in the receiver. This means every Dockmate® is built to order and is more or less unique.

  • The receiver is connected directly (through cables) and/or indirectly (though cables and an extra CAN bus interface or gearbox driver) to all the necessary controls of your boat.

  • The Receiver supports all electronic controls, both analogue and digital (CAN).

CAN bus Interface

A new interface for seamless control over POD drives, and other specific propulsion systems.

  • The Dockmate® TWIST can now be connected to the Volvo Penta IPS system, thanks to our new CAN bus interface.

  • This Interface acts as an extra station in the system and doesn't require any calibration. It allows the skipper to move around the boat while keeping his fingers on the fully proportional joystick, making docking easier & less stressful!

  • TWIST for the Zeus POD system will be available soon.

Gearbox Driver

The Dockmate® Gearbox driver is a specially developed interface that allows Dockmate® to connect directly to the boat's gearbox.

  • Allows Dockmate® to connect and communicate directly to the engine's gearbox.

  • This Interface allows Dockmate® to by-pass the ship's CAN bus system, thus avoiding any possible protocol incompatibility or problem.

  • In this case the warranty on the engine will not be declared void by the manufacturer.

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