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The No-Risk Way to Get the World’s Fastest-Growing Wireless Remote Control for Boats!

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1. Please complete and submit the form below and we will immediately provide you with a quotation that will include FREE INSTALLATION!

Number of Engines
Options desired

2. After providing you with a quotation and you are in agreement with the total investment amount for the Dockmate® system, we will schedule your trial installation.


3. We will install a Dockmate® wireless remote system on your boat with the Twist joystick transmitter, and you will be able to control with the tips of your fingers:


  • 1 or more engines with smooth, variable-speed proportional throttle

  • Volvo IPS or Zeus Pods

  • 1 or 2 thrusters (and with proportional control if boat is equipped)

  • 1 or 2 anchors

  • Horn


4. With our highly-innovative and robust DockControl software, we will customize and fine-tune the Twist joystick settings to your exact specifications for your boat.


5. We will take the boat out for a test drive and after you are absolutely delighted with the performance of your new Dockmate® system, and you are completely comfortable & fully confident with the controls, you will pay the agreed upon price.


6. Otherwise, we will remove the system and leave your boat exactly as we found payment required!

Fair enough?

Dockmate Twist joystick transmitter & functions:

TWIST WHITE202033.jpg

Dockmate Twist for Volvo IPS controls engines, Pods, bow thruster, DPS, High Mode, horn:

TWIST WHITE2020ips.jpg

We are excited about helping you have a better boating experience like these Dockmate® owners!

  • “Second boat, second Dockmate. I cannot see owning a boat without one installed. Second 
    best thing besides owning a boat is being able to confidently maneuver at a crowded fuel dock or marina."

  • “I absolutely love my Dockmate. So much so we have upgraded to a bigger boat and are having Dockmate installed into that boat as well. We cannot be more excited for the boat and the Dockmate which makes boating better.”

  • “The Dockmate system has been a delightful addition, especially when anchoring or docking singlehandedly.”

  • “For the first time I was able to see the stern of the boat and was able to dock it without assistance from my wife on wireless headphones. Worked great and eliminated a lot of stress.”

  • “Fantastic product. It allows me to single hand the boat just as I’d hoped.”

  • “This is the best thing I have ever added to any boat in my 40 + years of boating.”

If you are considering the Twin touchpad transmitter,

then we will extend the same offer!

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Dockmate Logo 2021 Med.png

3112 SE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

(954) 998-1430

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