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Mandatory System Activation

Until now, some systems were installed on the boat without ever being connected toDockControl2™. If calibration or power adjustment wasn't needed, some people were able to do without.


To combat this, starting now, every Dockmate delivered to the dealer will be in a locked state (as in "not activated"), ensuring that no unit can be installed and run without being connected to our DockControl2™ software, to evaluate settings and check statuses, etc.


When a new Dockmate is assembled and tested, it is always tested on the Tester.That event will “lock” the system. During locking, information about the Receiver is transmitted to the server, so the proper serial number and boat name or other reference needs to be already set - otherwise, the Receiver test will fail.A locked Dockmate will show Dynamic Code 3-5 on the remote and “Activation Lock”messages on the status page upon connection to DockControl2™.


When in the locked state, no output will be engaged. When you connect to a locked Receiver, you will see the following on the status tab:


And in the General tab you will see:


After installing the Dockmate, you can then click the “Activate Now” button to start the activation process. This will send the Serial Number, Boat Name, and user name to the server. Upon getting the response from the server the Receiver will be activated and the “Activation Lock” flags will disappear.


You can activate the Dockmate system online, by clicking the “Instant” button,provided that you have a internet connection. If you cannot have internet on the boat,you can choose “Offline” option.


This will present the following message. You will need to contact your supplier(Dockmate distributor), pass on the Receiver base code (the same as used for software options) and ask them for the corresponding 4 digit pin code. The Dockmate Distributor, using DockControl2™ will activate the system in the online service and Mandatory System Activation- @January 3, 2024 @Tomasz Koloczek 4this will generate the corresponding pin code, which they can pass back to the dealer on board. Upon entering the correct pin code and pressing OK, the Dockmate unit will be activated.


In case of failure, the following error message will be shown:


Only new rev.G+ Receivers with software version 2.27a or newer have this feature.Receivers already in the field are not affected by this change.


  • Supplement for GOLD Dealers

    Gold DockControl2™ users will see an additional button in the General tab, that allows them assist others with the offline activation of a new Dockmate system:


Upon, entering the base code of the Receiver, the pin code will be given:(Of course the Gold User’s DockControl2™ needs to be connected to the internet


Gold dealers are strongly discourage from activating units directly before shipping to the boat.


This will be monitored, as Dockmate HQ now expects installation and training checklists filled out and sent back for each new Dockmate.


2024-01-16 - Stephen: agreed between Victor and Stephen, Dockmate inc will activate the first systems at their office until the bulletin is published.


Did You Know?

Did you know that Dockmate will give you an extra 5% on boat show sale?


Did you know we will supply you with your own Dockmate landing page?

Did you know you can quote online with our dealer quote form?

Did You Know

Dockmate Adds Online Resources 

As a certified partner you are aware that Dockmate support can log in remotely to help. We have now added a place online for you to buy spares or enter a ticket for support. We hope you find this helpful and will allow us to support you in a more efficient manner.

Dockmate Adds
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