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Captain Victor Avila shares Dockmate how to pair your Dockmate TWIN & TWIST


If you have ever called our office you most likely were greeted by Melissa Connard is a dynamic individual with a passion for adventure. Born and raised in the vibrant state of Florida, Melissa has always been drawn to the wonders of the ocean. Her love for marine exploration led her to become an avid scuba diver, where she embraces the beauty and mystery of the underwater world.

Professionally, Melissa serves as an Administrative Professional at Dockmate, a role she excels in with her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. With a background in efficiently managing tasks and streamlining operations, Melissa ensures that the gears of the office run smoothly, allowing the team to focus on innovation and excellence.

In her spare time, you can find Melissa underwater, exploring coral reefs and discovering the diverse marine life that inhabits Florida's coastlines. Her journey as a scuba diver not only reflects her curiosity but also her reverence for the natural world. Melissa's dual identity as an ocean enthusiast and administrative professional showcases the multidimensional aspects that make her who she is.


Did You Know?

Did you know that Dockmate will give you an extra 5% on boat show sale?


Did you know we will supply you with your own Dockmate landing page?

Did you know you can quote online with our dealer quote form?

Did You Know

Dockmate Adds Online Resources 

As a certified partner you are aware that Dockmate support can log in remotely to help. We have now added a place online for you to buy spares or enter a ticket for support. We hope you find this helpful and will allow us to support you in a more efficient manner.

Dockmate Adds
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