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Captain Victor Avila shares Dockmate function and tips on how to get the most from our hardware and software

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SoftDocking is an exclusive  Dockcontrol Software feature that allows the owner to have the ability to provide a measured and fully-customizable engine response, minimizing or adding the ‘kick’ that boaters often dread when maneuvering in close quarters. A quick tap will initiate a pre-programmed, customizable fraction of- a-second or several second burst of the propeller. Making the boat maneuver in a consistent fashion each and every time.


How To:

  • Enter Dockcontrol 2 Software, Select the receiver to be programmed and enter the Dockmate Settings Tab.

  • Once in the Settings, select the Engine Tab 

Engine Tab-1.png

In the Engines Tab, you will see the Minimum Engagement Time parameters, also Labeled SD:

  • First, you must turn on the engines and the Dockmate Remote Control. Once you have claimed the engine controls, simply push/move the Button/Joystick forward quickly and release. If the boat did not move at all, you must raise the time in the Minimum Engagement window. After each change in higher values, re test by pushing/moving the Forward command on the remote quickly. Keep raising the time .10 at a time until you get the desired forward BUMP the client is looking for. If after a quick Forward command on the remote is too much Forward movement, simple reduce the minimum engagement time .10 at a time until you get the desired forward movement the client is looking for. Always remember to test reverse as well.

  • New Feature ALERT!: We have noticed some boats have a different response time between Port and Stern control. For this reason, we have updated the software to have an advanced feature.

POrt Forward.jpg
  • The New feature is not to adjust each direction individually, but to change the difference between one to the other. For example, if PORT reverse Softdocking has more movement than PORT Forward, you can change the Values on the PORT Reverse to have difference of “0.06”. That way Forward and Rev SoftDocking will feel the same. OR, if the owner would like more Rev BUMP, but less Forward BUMP, you can accomplish that my setting the difference. This is an example or the owner wanting more Reverse than Forward Softdocking:


TIP: Don’t forget to Save all settings after seatrial!



Hello from the Beautiful Pacific Northwest!
I am Curt Russell, the proprietor of CDR Marine.

Dockmate Bio Pic-1.jpg

As a veteran of the Marine industry for over 35 years, from Commercial to “White Glove” Yachts to your 110 miles per hour “Go Fast”.  My knowledge and history in the Pacific Northwest, from make, model, configuration of most vessels has and can be easily verified. In part from the acquired experience and contacts through out the years.
My Marine career started as a commercial fisherman in Alaska for 6.5 years, followed by over 28 years in the Private sector.
From working on one of Paul Allen’s Yachts (Medusa) to spending a summer hanging with the Chief Engineer for the summer on the (Gentry Eagle) to being on he water with Ron Jones as he tested his Turbine tunnel while I sorted out my 21ft  Blown 460 Ford Biesmeyer Daycruiser, are just some of the experiences I have.
I do hold a bit of history here...
In Yachting I started as a tech, working my way up to General Manager of a promenade store to sales and development in manufacturing to parts sales and warehousing to logistics back to technical service and management.
Behind the desk to the bilge to running the vessel, been there done that...
That said, I have been formally trained in most common propulsion control systems.
I remember being trained at Mathers Controls in the early 90’s!
ZF, Cummins, Mercruiser, Glendinning, U-Flex are all in our wheelhouse.
I have been involved with many companies in the past that have looked at various “Docking Style” control systems in the past. None were found to be 100% full proof or reliable.  Fortunately, for CDR Marine (Dockmate) has been found to be the best!
Dockmate has truly helped us provide a quality product for our “Northwest Boaters” from now and into the future!
CDR Marine’s focus is on complete integration. Controls, Instrumentation, Environmental Data.
Our goal is the Best “Customer Service” along with a personnel relationship with our customers!
360 on the water!

Did You Know?

Dockmate works with Mercury JPO Joystick?

This week Dockmate had the opportunity to Install our Vector joystick on a new 54 HCB Las Suenos. Dockmate is the ONLY remote that can articulate the engines just like the JPO joystick. This video shows the huge advantage Dockmate brings while docking & securing the boat to the dock.

Did You

Dockmate Adds Online Resources 

As a certified partner you are aware that Dockmate support can log in remotely to help. We have now added a place online for you to buy spares or enter a ticket for support. We hope you find this helpful and will allow us to support you in a more efficient manner.

Dockmate Adds
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