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When you purchase the world’s most advanced, affordable, and safest wireless remote control system from MarineMax.


Now, for a limited time, Dockmate has partnered with MarineMax and is making it even more beneficial to install a SINGLE+, TWIN+, TWIST or VECTOR system:

• Fully-customizable settings to YOUR specific boat & docking conditions. An example is the capability of adjusting the engine & bow thruster settings to walk the boat sideways to the dock, just as though you have a bow AND a stern thruster.

• Smooth, variable-speed and fully-proportional engine throttle which is incredibly helpful when docking in high winds or heavy current.

• The industry-leading, longest-range and safest two-way radio communication system that uses the same technology as Bluetooth, cell phones & Wi-Fi networks, and if there is ever a highly unlikely loss of signal, the handheld remote control has a 3 alarm system (audio, vibration, visual).

It’s easy!  To claim your CASHBACK rebate:

  1. Purchase any Dockmate system between 1 December 2021 and 31 December 2022 from a participating MarineMax Service Center.

  2. Fill out and Submit the Claim Form below.