Wireless remote control system for your boat’s engines, Pods, thrusters, anchor  and horn from anywhere aboard.

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Wireless Remote Control Technology

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Do you struggle with:
  • The stress from docking your boat in crowded marinas and tight slips due to poor visibility from the helm station?

  •  Having to rely on other crewmates to help safely dock your boat? 

  • The worry from damaging your boat if you have a docking failure and the possible embarrassment of ending up on a YouTube video?

  •  Not enjoying your boat as much as you deserve, because of friction with crew members, such as your first mate, when docking?


We get it – 

We’re boaters too

We have operated boats from dinghies to yachts and we have a former US Coast Guardsman / Machinery Technician and a 100 ton USCG licensed captain on our crew.

We understand the stress that can occur when the captain or owner is depending on the input from others to be his eyes, so to speak, and help guide him to a safe docking of the boat because he is stuck behind the helm.

We know the sense of relief that comes from being able to leave the helm for a closer look at our surroundings, and to still be in complete, confident control of the boat’s movement from anywhere aboard!

“When we leave a slip early and there is no one to help us untie our lines, we use the Dockmate to keep the boat close to the dock until my wife or I can untie the lines and get back aboard safely.”

Bob Arrington

Long-time Boating Safety Educator

Writer, PassageMaker and Power & Motoryacht

“I think that the two-way communications between the remote and control unit and the configurability of the system are the two best things Dockmate offers.”

Ben Stein

Marine Electronics Expert Publisher

Panbo - the Marine Electronics Hub

How it Works

1. Contact Us

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• Fill in the form
• Press the SUBMIT button, or
• Call 954-998-1430 to speak to a Product Support Specialist

2. Receive Your Quote &

Schedule the Installation

We will provide you with a detailed quotation which will include an easy, unobtrusive “plug n play” installation & sea trial to adjust the settings to your exact specifications.

3. Start enjoying a better boating experience!

After all, you deserve it!

Boating is meant to be enjoyed and not be a stressful experience!

You Will Enjoy

• Reducing the common stress (particularly between husbands & wives!) during docking!

• Making it simple & easy to dock your boat single-handedly

• Recovering your anchor and picking up a mooring ball from the bow

Being right there in the action when there's a fish is on the line

These Boaters were wowed with the results!

“It is really easy and the best investment I’ve made for my boat. Incredible....amazing!”

“My wife & I crew the boat ourselves. The ability to work the bow for mooring & anchoring is a real benefit. And then of course just the ability to move around the boat with the remote.”

“It performed as expected, immediately, all functions operated. They were able to dial it in by the software proportionally, forward & reverse. I am able to walk to the transom and get a better line of sight.”


2020 Carver C52


Hatteras 72


2015 Sea Ray 510

  • “Let’s just say that Dockmate® has reduced the ‘marital friction’ aboard our boat while docking.”

  • “When we leave a slip early and there is no one to help us untie the lines, we use the Dockmate to keep the boat close to the dock until my wife or I can untie the lines and get back aboard safely.” 

  • “I like to get underway early in the morning and I don’t want to have to wake up my wife and son. I enjoy the calmness in the morning.” 

  • “I like to be on the bow when I raise and lower the anchor. Oftentimes crew members were pointing in the wrong direction. Now I know exactly where to move the boat.” 

  • “I run a 61-ft Sportfish and we drift for swordfish. The Dockmate® allows me to bump the engines in and out of gear to stay beam to the wind, and I can be in the action whenever we get a bite.”

  • “It’s just me and my wife running the boat. It was hard for me to run down the flybridge stairs when docking.”

  • “My wife can’t lift the dock lines anymore. With the Dockmate® I can throw all the lines and my wife does not have to do anything.”

  • “We have a 57-ft Carver Voyager and you cannot see the stern of the boat from either helm. Yes, cameras help but standing on the aft deck while docking the boat is an entirely different vantage point.”


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