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Bob Arrington

Long-time boating educator and writer for PassageMaker and Power & Motoryacht magazines

"I’m writing to thank you for making such a great product and to share my experience with our new Dockmate controller with you.” Read More

Eric Koeppel

Owner, 2021 Galeon 50

“Had it not been for my Dockmate Twist I would not have been able to get home.” Read More

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Paul Devore

Owner, 2019 Carver 52

"I’m happy to offer my opinion of the Dockmate system vs. the Yacht Controller." Read More


Richard Kenderian

Owner, 2007 Azimut 55

“I have had two other wireless remote controls in the past and decided to go with Dockmate this time.” Read More

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Paul Vitale

Owner, 2020 Sirena 58

I was fortunate to meet the fine people at Dockmate USA at the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Show. I was considering a competitor’s product for my 2020 Sirena 58, but after seeing the dockmate in action I was sold. It is head and shoulders above any other similar product.


The joystick controller allows for precise, variable speed control of not only the engines, but also the bow & stern thrusters. In addition the windlass and horn can also be controlled, making single handed operation a breeze. This is a system that can be custom designed for your particular yacht driving preferences.


With a simple sea trial and their computer control system they can dial in the dockmate to perform exactly as you want it to. Other companies claim variable control, but what you get are some preset settings, not true variable control like the dockmate offers.


The icing on the cake is the great people and customer service at Dockmate. They are very knowledgeable, helpful and always available to answer questions and make the experience as easy as possible. I highly recommend the dockmate product and even more highly recommend the great people at dockmate USA.


Paul Woodward

“Worth every penny.” Read More

Jack C.

1984 Uniflite Sportfish

“The Dockmate system has been a delightful addition, especially when anchoring or docking single-handedly.” Read More

Mike & Debbie Orsatti

"We wanted to let you know that we had the Dockmate installed in the spring by SK Electronics. We love the Dockmate remote. It made life so easy for Debbie to pick up moorings and anchoring. She had knee replacement surgery in February so she couldn’t kneel on her knee. I’ve recommended the unit to others and I know that one contacted SK who did a Dockmate installation on their Sabre 48. SK is very professional and a great contact for us…we will have them do some electronics work on Spirit during the winter."


Again, thank you!!!

Brian Berger

Riviera 50

“We have found it very useful being novice captains. We expected to use it for backing into slips. What we weren’t expecting is how helpful it is for night time cruising. Our windows at the helm are heavily tinted which makes it very difficult to see at night. On several occasions I have walked out onto the bow with the Dockmate and brought us into marinas."

Captain Mike Ancona

2009 Hatteras 80

“I’d be happy to say that it has been a trouble free system since install on our 80 Hatteras, and we have been from key west to Boston and everywhere in between . It allows me to run the boat with minimal crew, and also comes in handy when adjusting lines . The customer support is one of the other reasons why I chose Dockmate . We had a previous system made by another company and it constantly lost communication , and it seemed like it was always in a dark and windy situation in a foreign place. They offer no support.”

George Ekins

2015 Cantius 45

“I am delighted with my control and it saves me nearly every time I dock or moor up since I run my 45’ Cantius single handed.”

Jim McCalla

2008 Meridian 408

“I have been extremely pleased with my dockmate system.  As I have told many people….it was a lot cheaper than a divorce!  Leaving and returning to dock has always been the most stressful part of our long boating experience together and this makes it a lot more enjoyable (and less stressful).  The first time I used it was pulling out of very tight quarters at a marina, pulling up to the fuel dock, and then heading out from the marina.  It was so easy to use and intuitive, I felt like a pro the first time out.”

Len Debellis

2013 Prestige 200S

“Love my Dockmate.  It is especially helpful when anchoring, I can stand on the bow, using the remote, drop the anchor and move the boat to set the anchor while watching the anchor, the Area around the boat and controlling the set.  We also using it for docking, I have to spin the boat and move the boat sideways to the dock while standing on the starboard side and tying up the boat… great.”

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