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The solution is......

  • Guessing how close your boat is to the dock!

  • Arguing with your wife or first mate!

  • Damaging your boat because of poor visibility!

  • Relying on other people to help you dock!

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Dockmate owners share their thoughts:


Bob Arrington

  • Boating Safety Educator & writer for 
    PassageMaker, Power & Motoryacht

  • Dockmate® owner

  • “Let’s just say that Dockmate® has reduced the ‘marital friction’ aboard our boat while docking"

  • “I was able to leave the helm and join my family when a school of dolphins was swimming alongside our boat.”

  • “I like to get underway early in the morning and I don’t want to have to wake up my wife and son. I enjoy the calmness in the morning"

  • “I like to be on the bow when I raise and lower the anchor. Oftentimes crew members were pointing in the wrong direction. Now I know exactly where to move the boat.”

  • “My wife can’t lift the dock lines anymore. With the Dockmate® I can throw all the lines and my wife does not have to do anything."

  • “Dockmate® has given us more confidence in handling our boat in close quarters.”

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