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About Us

Dockmate® is a Belgium company that has been in business worldwide since 2012.  Dockmate was launched in the USA in 2018 and Dockmate US was formed.
 Dockmate® US was co-founded by Marc Curreri.  Marc has been involved in several joint ventures and since 1997, Marc has owned and operated a well-established and very successful marine service company, Marine Professionals Inc (MPI).


However, because of his firms’ commitment to providing only the very best products and service to their customers, Marc sought out a higher-quality and more advanced wireless remote control system, and with better product support as well.


After thorough research, Marc learned that wireless remote control technology for pleasure craft boats was developed long ago in Europe by well-known companies such as Side-Power (Norway) and VETUS (Holland).
Dockmate took this wireless remote technology and dramatically improved it by offering the “next generation” of remote control products which included state of the art "fail safe" technology, FCC certification, and breakthrough advancements that increased the reliability and operating range of the product without the installation of additional hardware.


Dockmate® has proprietary DockControl software with highly-customizable settings that allows the owners to put their “personal touch” on how the TWIST 3-axis joystick feels and reacts.


The smooth, variable-speed, fully-proportional thruster and throttle control was also something which was ONLY OFFERED with Dockmate® and has never been available with competitive products.


Since the launch of Dockmate® US in 2018, the media coverage for the product has been nothing short of amazing and Dockmate® is the fastest growing wireless remote control for boats!


Dockmate® has formed solid relationships with industry-leading companies such as Glendinning and VETUS who allow Dockmate® to connect DIRECTLY into their CAN bus network.  This was NEVER allowed by any other wireless remote control company until Dockmate®.


Dockmate®, VETUS and Glendinning have shared a demo boat that traveled to many boats shows and it gave owners the opportunity to “try before they buy” even though Dockmate® offers a 30 day satisfaction, money back guarantee.
Trusted by the leading brands of thrusters and electronics controls, advanced technology, customizable software, and fail-safe technology give Dockmate® the successful ingredients for the wireless remote control system of the future.

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