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Why Dockmate®?

With industry leading technology the Dockmate® system provides a stress free docking experience. You are able to leave the helm and get a closer look at your surroundings while still in complete control of the boat’s movement, resulting in total control during typical maneuvering in marinas and tight quarters.

Watch the video to see Dockmate® in action


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You can flawlessly operate with the tips of your fingers

The 3-axis Twist joystick transmitter can be recharged wirelessly!



 Every skipper can dock his boat

single-handedly...stress free! 

"Docking with ease and without worry due to the installation of a Dockmate"  - Paul Woodward



You can connect Dockmate® to the engines in 3 different ways

"Thank you again for making such a great product"  - Bob Arrington  (Long-time boating educator & writer)

The Dockmate® Advantage

1. Communication


Dockmate’s highly reliable TWO-WAY transmission system uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology.  Originally patented in the 1940’s as a “Secret Communication System,” FHSS was originally used by the US Navy to securely relay information from sounding devices, which were buoys dropped from airplanes that used sonar to find submarines. 


FHSS technology has evolved over the decades to be the key technology used for cellphones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 


Don’t be fooled by claims that a one-way, dual band transmission is superior over our two-way, single band FHSS transmission that transmits signals over five (5) frequencies with codes that change five (5) times per second.  

Here’s a short description of this advanced technology:


Here’s an interesting full length 9 minute video with the complete history of FHSS:


The Amazing Story of FHSS by The History Guy

2. Customization


Dockmate’s DockControl software offers the ultimate in remote control customizability. Dockmate® when combined with the DockControl software suite offers our customers an off-the-shelf remote control solution that can be tailored to the real-world capabilities of their vessel and their own boating style.


  • DockControl gives the installer the ability to program the remote control by choosing any combination of engine(s) and thruster(s) activation(s). It allows for adjusting the sensitivity and behavior of the Dockmate® TWIST joystick, choosing which functions are activated by each joystick direction and even adjust the size of the joystick’s dead-zone to avoid accidental activation.


  • For example, if a boat only has a single bow thruster, which is very common, the DockControl software can be programmed to safely “walk the boat” sideways directly towards the dock by programming the engine transmissions and throttle combined with the bow thruster – just as if the boat had a bow and stern thruster.

Check out this short video below with more information:

DOCKCONTROL - Dockmate's advanced software program for customizing your engine & thruster controls!

3. Proportional Engine Throttle

Dockmate® has relationships with several electronic engine control manufacturers and can offer fully proportional throttle with our Twist 3-axis joystick transmitters, and not just idle speed propulsion. 

For example, Dockmate® developed a simple CAN bus “plug-and-play” system that is an easy, simple installation and it integrates fluidly with Glendinning’s complete line of engine control systems.

Dockmate’s connection into Glendinning’s CAN Bus is APPROVED and has been PROVEN over time, and it allows the Dockmate® to seamlessly become an additional station on the Glendinning engine control network. 


4. Proportional Thrusters


Dockmate® can also offer fully proportional throttle with systems from Side-Power and VETUS which also offer this tremendous benefit.

Check out the video below:

Side-Power - "Plug N Play" with Dockmate® wireless remote control system.

Dockmate® Customer

"I’m writing to thank you for making such a great product and to share my experience with our new dockmate controller with you. My wife and I have a 54’ Ocean Alexander trawler we built new in 2012. We’ve cruised thousands of miles aboard our boat from Canada to the Bahamas...

Recent Feature

At Trawlerfest in Stuart, Florida we got a chance to test out Dockmate® and their "Docking Made Easy" remote docking system. With an intelligent design system and a simple remote, we found docking in a stiff breeze to be a synch. Watch the video.

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